InPractice Magazine

Discover successful case study projects from across SFS Group

SFS is an international vendor of precision custom components, innovative fastening solutions and associated assemblies. The one constant factor throughout our history, our present and our future has been, and will always be, change! For every person and every organisation, change represents challenge; because continuity conveys a sense of security, but sticking to well-trodden paths, products and systems does not help to create the future we want in the longer term. That is why change, which we all experience as happening ever faster and ever more strongly, must be a normal part of our lives. At SFS we established this appropriate balance between a stable, secure basis and rapid change a long time ago. It has indeed become a part of our DNA.

In the InPractice Magazine you can read how SFS Group employees, with their continued willingness to embrace change in the most diverse situations, have achieved surprising solutions. This is predicated upon a readiness to embrace customer needs. Optimisation potential along the entire value-added chain is then identified and demonstrated to the customer. Depending on application and market segment, that might mean optimising products, processes or using the information and data created via digitalisation.