NEW isotak® BS-4,8

The SFS isotak® fastening system was launched more than ten years ago for the mechanical fastening of waterproof membrane and insulation to flat roof decks. An important component of the overall system is the BS-4,8 self drilling fastener for use with steel decks. This has now been subjected to a comprehensive redesign which has resulted in significant improvements to its main product features.

Improved performance

With its optimised thread geometry, the new BS-4,8 fastener offers significantly improved technical values when used in steel, timber, plywood and OSB3 decks

Higher pull-out values

40% improvement for steel deck.*
20% improvement for timber, plywood and OSB3 deck.

Cost effective installation

Fewer fasteners per m2 of roof area.**

New improved drill point

Faster and easier installation

Improved reliability

Cost effective performance

Ideal for thin steel decks

Designed for thin steel decks between min. 0.63 mm and max. 2 x 1.25 mm (S320GD) or max 1 x 2.0 mm (S350GD).

Improved corrosion protection

Extensive laboratory testing has proven that the surface coating of the new BS-4,8 product provides improved corrosion resistance.

* Based on ETA 08/0262 and subsequent product testing.
** For more detailed product information please contact SFS


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